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(16 November 2018)

In yesterday's Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast, Kenneth Copeland told the story of a vision he had many years ago.

He saw a large pipe. At one end of the pipe, a gush of water was rushing towards it, but when it hit the pipe, it didn't go in and through the pipe but splashed in all directions.

On the other end of the pipe, a small trickle, almost just a spray, came from the opening.

Kenneth asked the Lord for an explanation.

The Lord told him the pipe is his spirit. But the sins of strife he didn't repent of, was clogging his spirit so God's glory couldn't flow through.

Kenneth explained that you don't put sand in the tank of your car because it would ruin the engine. When we get into strife with someone, and we don't repent of it, we are in effect putting grains of sand in our spirit, clogging it. 

The Lord then reminded him of an incident that took place only a couple of days before. 

Gloria, his wife, bought a bag cantaloupes at a corner stand. When she came home, she realised that only the top two cantaloupes were ripe, the rest were rotten. Kenneth wasn't impressed. He wanted to take the cantaloupes back and slap the man who sold it, but he didn't. 

The problem was that he didn't repent of being angry with the guy. Yes, he didn't go down to the stall and slap him, but he was in strife with the man. His anger was one more grain of sand, clogging up his spirit.

Satan knows how dangerous it is to hold on to strife and anger. He also knows most of us don't know these kinds of things clogs up our spirit.

And because he is aware of it, he will tempt us to get into strife with anybody. He will tempt us to get irritated with the smallest things. 

It is scary to think how many times a day we get irritated and angry with people or stuff. 

You get angry with the guy who doesn't wait his turn at the stop sign but skips it and almost causes an accident.

If you don't repent, it's one more grain of sand.

Or you get irritated in the restaurant because you have to wait longer for your food than the people in the next booth that came in long after you did.

The Internet is slow, and it causes you to lose your temper.

Or your child spills the milk again.

Every time you get angry or irritated, and you don't repent, you are putting one more grain of sand in the pipe.

And slowly, the pipe gets clogged.

It is so important to be aware of the things that can clog our spirit because unrepented sin will stop the flow of God's Spirit in our lives.

Now you know strife and anger are like grains of sand, clogging up your spirit, don't allow them in your life.

Get rid of them.

Repent when you slip up and get angry or in strife. 

Ask the Lord to help you keep your spirit free from anything that can stop His flow in your life.

It is something you have to pay attention to every day.

But it is worth it!